Franck Decourt
Franck Decourt
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Knowledge for the preservation and contextualization.
Composing with his own device, Franck never stops to analyze all kinds of real, imaginary and virtual territories he's long lasted explored and continues to discover. All these mindscapes nurture his desire to explore, to feel and to visually represent both form and substance of things.
Industriekultur Basel
Industriekultur Basel
Basel, crossed by the Rhine river, is the main logistic hub in Switzerland. Bordering France and Germany, the international and cosmopolite town hosts many major world leading chemical companies. Besides the worldly well known Art Basel fair which stands for a week, all this technological influences lead to a well developed Swiss industrial culture.
10 days in Tokyo
10 days walking and shooting in the streets of Tokyo.
Fashion Fiction
Fashion Fiction
2010, discovery of an unknown universe, that of fashion models. Not those from magazines and other advertising productions, those which every day influence the way we dress, and perhaps the way we behave.
Vy d'Avenches, 29
1564 Domdidier, FR