By composing with his perception, Franck analyzes the real, the imaginary and the virtual territories he's long lasted explored and continues to discover. All these mindscapes nurture his desire to explore and to feel both form and substance of things.

"For me, the dream, from now on mainly published, supported and maintained through Information Technology's softwares, social networks, systems and material infrastructures, is the intermediate state of mind driven by our survival instinct between absolute consciously mastered physical life and the nothingness of absolute death. To give priority to the dream and its virtual representation against tangible analyses and physical facts is not how I expect to live as a responsible adult. I prefer to lead my life down to Earth, in control, to activate all my senses where they might be aware, even if physical damages, fear, despair and tears sometimes do occur. I just have to find the right balance. When it is achieved, the result has no measure against any dreams I may have had. It's pure imagination in complete symbiosis with my environment."


As an artist, Franck fights not to be trapped in so many cultures, folks, movements and all kinds of communications that promote hierarchical differenciation of people's life value all around the world.

"Galleries and events fostering black artists who celebrate their black community through black and white photography in order to comnunicate that "Black Lives Matter" - it's a metaphor - reveal a questionable closed mentality with doors and paths unable to be experimentaly opened through contemporary art.

Besides historical memory intentions, I hope the art world is more nuanced, hence less categoric and exclusive in terms of communities than what it's exhibiting in cultural institutions and referential establishments. Obviously, I completely discharge commercial places without cultural and intellectual purpose."


In the mid 90's, communication studies led Franck to work as a local newspaper press reporter. To make a living, he's also written and illustrated numerous commercials and advertising reports. But the mind behind the pictures never really went in accordance with any communication medium marketing plan. Established in Switzerland, he sometimes publishes royalty free pictures to iStock / GettyImages.