By composing with his perception, the intellectual matrix on which his sensations, feelings and also shootings are based on, Franck mixes the resulting analyzes he's making of the real, imaginary and virtual territories he's long lasted explored and continues to discover. All these mindscapes are full of surprise and a source of intense emotions.

The resulting photographs, printed, framed or simply virtually published have just to live their own lives... Fixed on a wall, stored in a box or posted on social networks.

"I'm just trying to produce the supremely high concepts and standards in the exacting handcraft of photography... All by myself... After re-starting my life as a slave in London's unsanitary kitchens... Freshly landed from a French provincial area that welcomed and raised the young Parisian I used to be like a Champagne bottle before opening me, drinking, and throwing my useless body to the Leman lake.

In order to survive, I've been obliged to analyse people's behaviours differently and to reassess all the values I've been taught. During that time, I was sleeping in a Battersea Concil Estates basement cave, obliged to work as a kitchen porter on a daily basis, seen by the private banking officers as a monkey generously fed by what they used to throw away while eating. What was the meaning of my identity in the City when everybody around argued that my passport was a fake (so was I) considering that my surname and my colored face couldn't correspond? Sure there was a missmatch... A head to cut, a bug to fix.

For me, creating pictures is above all remaining intellectually autonomous. Should my person get trapped into "common sense", I'd die.

Nature stays wild and physical. My work has to be as natural as possible, essentially printed, framed... And fortunately for the masses, not always published."

Editorial and Creative.

In the mid 90's, communication and publicity studies led Franck to work as a press correspondent. He covered and reported on numerous sports events and followed people's local life... Now established in Switzerland, he publishes his royalty free pictures to iStock / GettyImages.

Besides, through personal projects, Franck produces creative images to nurture his photographic way of self-expression exploration.

So far, so good.