Being a software architect gives Franck times to do what he likes much, to try to produce the supremely high concepts and standards in the exacting handcraft of photography.

By composing with his perception, the intellectual matrix on which his sensations, feelings and also shootings are based on, the real, the imaginary and the virtual territories discovered are full of surprise and a source of intense emotions. All these mindscapes make him alive.

The resulting photographs, printed, framed or simply virtually published have just to live their own lives... Fixed on a wall, stored in a box or posted on social networks.

Editorial and Creative.

In the mid 90's, communication and publicity studies led Franck to work as a press correspondent. He covered and reported on numerous sports events and followed people's local life in the Leman lake area. Now established in Switzerland, he publishes his royalty free pictures to iStock / GettyImages.

Besides, through personal projects, Franck produces creative images to nurture his photographic way of self-expression exploration.

So far, so good.