Here, you are in a conceptual environment. It means than nothing is taken for granted.
Male, female... Good, bad..., Truth, lie..., Beauty, ugliness... All is nothing, and nothing means everything. Subjectivity is the new objectivity.

Franck Decourt takes pictures to illustrate his experimental minded approach of life. Inspired by the famous established winemakers and shoemakers houses, and to be as accurate as he can, he tries to produce the supremely high standards in the exacting handcraft of photography. But his goal has never been to communicate his personal approach to any kind of society except only to live the experience of a notable exhibition.

To do so, he acts upon his perception, the intellectual matrix on which his sensations, feelings and also shootings are based on. And the territories to explore, the waves to surf are unlimited. The resulting photographs, printed, framed or simply virtually published have just to live their own lives... Fixed on a wall, stored in a box or posted on social networks.